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Upcoming Classes (2019)


Location Hotel Date/Time
Longview WA
Bob's Sporting Goods
1111 Hudson Street
Longview, WA 98632

Jul 17th
4pm - 8:30pm

Aug 14th
4pm - 8:30pm

Sep 14th
10am - 2:30pm

Oct 16th
4pm - 8:30pm

Nov 20th
4pm - 8:30pm

Dec 18th
4pm - 8:30pm

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Welcome to the home page of 2nd Rights CFP

I am a NRA certified instructor (#160594596) and a Concealed Permit instructor.

My classes will prepare you to legally carry a concealed firearm.

I am licensed to instruct pre-requisite courses for obtaining an Arizona CCW, Florida CCW, Montana CWP, Oregon CHL, Utah CFP, and Wyoming CFP.

Larry Raglione - CFP Instructor - (503) 781-6080